Pima Rock Band. The name looks strange but I really love their music. I am now trying to download some of their latest tracks. These kids can make history in music industry for sure. Keep rocking!
wow this is awesome
hy from Croatia. dont know what to write except ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam Fas(non-registered)
Guys great Music in love keep the work up from russia with love
Caroline Barna(non-registered)
Spread the word!
Bullying is not acceptable and teaching kids early in life that there are much better ways to accomplish their goals in life than to make themselves look better by treating someone bad. Rock On!
Logan Harrison(non-registered)
Thanks to all the awesome comments we trying to get the anti-bullying message through to the public and look forward to future performances!
A. Vickstrom(non-registered)
The coolest part of young people learning to fight bullying is that they can teach the adults in their life to stop bullying too. If you've been bullied, remember that what you're seeing is insecurity and fear in the bully. Strong people, smart people, confident people don't have time to bully - they are too busy doing good things.
mr. k(non-registered)
AMAZING! brought years to my eyes.
thanks for stepping up.
more ! please!
Allison Vredevoogd(non-registered)
Beautiful people sending a heartfelt message. I'm proud to know such creative individuals!
Kevann Elletson Campbell(non-registered)
superb! great video, even better message! I will share with everyone in my corner of the world (north central Montana)
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